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TraumaRegister DGU® is setting global standards for the quality management of severely injured. Over 800 hospitals from more than 20 different countries are participating.

The participating hospitals are primarily located in Germany, but other European and non-European countries such as Belgium, Finland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia or the United Arab Emirates are also increasingly contributing.

Since it’s founding in 1993, data from almost 400.000 cases have been documented. In 2018 alone, about 33.000 cases from over 650 hospitals have been entered in TraumaRegister DGU®.

For the hospitals TraumaRegister DGU® is not only an instrument for external quality assurance, but has also provided a basis for clinical and healthcare research for years.

TraumaRegister DGU® in brief


TraumaRegister DGU® (TR-DGU) was founded in 1993 by the German Trauma Society (DGU).

Patient cohort

All severely injured who fulfill the following inclusion criterion: Admission to hospital via emergency room with subsequent ICU/ICM care or arrival at the hospital with vital signs and death before admission to ICU. 


Standardised documentation in a central database. Data are collected from four consecutive phases A) Pre-clinic, B) Emergency room and subsequent initial surgery, C) Intensive care unit and D) Discharge. The documentation includes detailed information on demographics, injury pattern, comorbidities, pre- and in-hospital management, intensive care and relevant laboratory findings including data on transfusion. Furthermore outcome-data such as morbidity after discharge are entered.


In 2019, more than 650 hospitals have enterd almost 30.000 cases.

Participating hospitals

Participation is voluntariy. Solely hospitals taking part in TraumaNetzwerk DGU® are obliged to enter at least a basic data set for reasons of quality assurance.

Participating countries

Participating hospitals (approx. 90 % from Germany) with a continously increasing number of foreign participants. At present Belgium, Finland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia and United Arab Emirates.

Annual report

For the respective reporting period, annual hospital report and general annual reports present data of both, the own hospital and the entire registry.

Quality management

For it‘s participating hospitals TraumaRegister DGU® facilitates a quality management in the field of trauma surgery. The annual report allows a comparison with the overall results of other hospitals and thus supports in determining the own quality status.


TraumaRegister DGU® makes an important contribution to research by enabling analyses in different scientific fields. The respective publications underlie an internal review process.


TraumaRegister DGU® maintains various contacts to different bodies, authorities as well as related registries at home and abroad.

Data management, infrastructure and operations

Technical and organisational development as well as the continuous operation of the register including data management and statistical analyses is provided by AUC - Academy for Trauma Surgery.

Scientific leadership

The scientific steering group is the Committee on Emergency Medicine, Intensive Care and Trauma Management of the German Trauma Society (Sektion NIS). Data analysis is approved according to a peer review procedure established by Sektion NIS.

TraumaRegister DGU®

TraumaRegister DGU® is one of the largest registries for severely injured worldwide. With over 800 hospitals, both nationally and internationally, it has enclosed almost 400.000 patients since its founding in 1993.

Beckenregister DGU

Since June 2018 Beckenregister DGU is hosted by the AUC. It is transferred to a modul of TraumaRegister DGU and serves to record fractures of the pelvic ring and the acetabulum.

Publications from TraumaRegister DGU®


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